We had a ball in the snow at Mammoth!  We love to be out in nature with the dogs, hiking, snowshoeing, whatever!   New snowshoes for Ben and me.....6" of new powder - doesn't get much better than this!

Solo's sister Zoltie, A-CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie, from the first Wizard/Sparkle cross, is having fun and success in multiple venues.  She has completed her open Regular, Gamblers and Jumpers titles in agility, keeping her owner Roxanne on her toes.  She completed her A-CH title in confirmation, handled by Roxanne and Danielle Dumais.  Zoltie also keeps true to her roots by herding sheep, ducks and goats!  One busy lady!
Wiz and Scooter are STARS!  They were asked to model Precision pet products for both catalog and product label images.  Wizard first started modeling for the crate line and then the duo was asked for this home of their own.  Both dogs are so obedient as well as beautiful that the sessions took minutes instead of hours!   Look for Wizard on the crate box at a Petco near you!  The dog house will be coming to stores soon.  Maybe their own reality series is next?

Solo goes Winner's Dog and Best of Winners under Senior Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley at the WCASA show in June  2008 for a 5-point major!  Thank you Heidi for getting Solo started!  Solo also was Best Opposite in Sweeps under AKC judge Peri Norman.  Thank you Peri!

Solo relatives had a great show day - along with Solo's exciting wins, his littermate sister Shimmer (Casa Blanca's Shimmers Magic) was BOB in the Puppy Sweepstakes, his littermate brother Magnum (Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast) was BOS in both the am and pm  shows and his big sister from this first cross, Zoltie, Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie was WB and A-BOB in the am show and WB and A-BOS in the pm show!  What a day for Wiz/Sparkle kids!

Another family celebrity! Sammy, from the first Wizard/Sparkle cross, was selected to represent Goodlife Recipe dog food!  Go to to see his cute face!  Owned and loved by Kristen and Spencer McCoy, Sammy has also met Cesar Milan when he came to Kristen's workplace to work with some "problem" dogs.  Cesar commented "This is a very balanced dog with good energy; calm submissive.”  He also asked if could use Sammy as an example of good energy with the problem dog, if necessary, when they did the interview.  Go Sammy!

Nationals News!  We returned from the 2008 ASCA National dog show in Las Vegas and we are THRILLED at how well Wizard's kids and grandkids did!  Wizard joins an elite number of dogs who have sired mulitple specialty winners - Mystic in 2006 and now Sirius and Zoltie in 2008!  The unbelievable highlights:
Solo returned from the 2008 Nationals to pick up a WD and RWD at the West Coast show in December.  Chipping away at the points!   Thanks, Breeder Judge Gina Blair!

And last but CERTAINLY not least, it was great to have Wizard out there again - he won the 11-13 Veterans Sweeps but unfortunately pulled up lame for the regular Veterans class - too many rocks and concrete in Las Vegas!  It was great to see friends and give people who have Wizzie offspring a chance to see him in action!  Exhausting but fun!  What a legacy.........
Congratulations to BISS CH La Plata's Mistico De Colores  "Mystic", on achieving his Hall of Fame Sire status!  With limited breeding, Mystic produced great dogs that are competing and titling in all venues.  Mystic also recently obtained his started sheep title, proving that dads can keep up with the kids!  Congrats, Mystic and owner Tammy Seaman!

(shouldn't this be a December calendar page?)

Solo took a 5-point major under Breeder Judge Kathy Bryan at the WCASA June 2009 show and also garnered a RWD award.  He is edging closer to his (owner's) champion goal!  Thank you Shawna Beaty for your expert handling -

It's official - Wizard kids and grandkids garnered 5 of the top 10 spots for intact and altered confirmation standings for 2008/2009!  We are so proud of all the accomplishments of these dogs - congrats to all!  A lot of time, effort and talent went in to those placings - way to go!

Wizard is on You Tube!  Click here to see him modeling the latest Precision Pet product! 
Solo is our new CHAMPION!  He took a 5-pt major Winners Dog and Best of Winners under AKC judge Helga Kane.  Thanks Shawna for handling Solo while I snuck a riding lesson in!  Multi-tasking!

Look for Solo in agility and trying his hand on stock - this wonderful dog can do it all!

We're back at agility!  In August 2009, our first trial in almost a year, Solo got his first Q in Novice Jumpers!  Scooter did great in his first runs at the Elite level (mine too) - one or 2 oops per round.  Elle thought it was just too hot (107) and the Station fire had us all nervous!  Good to be back amongst friends........

#6 CH Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast - son owned by Erin Welch
#3 CH Callisto's Badabingbadaboom "Bing" - grandson owned by Gail Karamalegos
#4 CH Del Sol's Irrestible Magic "Sirus" -  son owned by Carol Roberts
#1 CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Drnm Zoltie "Zoltie"  - daughter owned by Jack and Roxanne Leon
#2 CH Rainyday's Howdoyoulikemenow? "Toby Keith" - grandson owned by Danielle Pugh
Intact Confirmation
Altered Confirmation

Testimony's In It To Win It, "Swagger" made his show (and leash) debut last month and walked away with a Best Opposite Sex Puppy!  Owned and bred by Jill Ward, this Wizard son has started off his career with a bang!  One to watch!
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Solo was High in Trial Open in only his third trial at the WCASA October 2009, was that FUN!  And his wonderful half sister Elle earned her first title, Novice Jumper!

Wiz kids/grandkids were MAGIC at the 2009 ASCA Nationals in September in Greeley, CO! 

Congratulations to Toby Keith, BISS A-CH Rainyday's How Do You Like Me Now? a Wiz grandson by Merlin and owned/handled by Danielle Pugh on winning Altered Best of Opposite Sex.  That makes 3 years in a row that Wizard relations have won the A-BOB or A-BOS title at the national specialty level!  Toby also was a premiere champion at 2 pre-shows.
BISS A-CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie "Zoltie" was the winner of the Altered Confirmation Invitational.  She was also Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex in 2 pre-shows and gathered several qualifying scores in agility.
CH. Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast was premiere at 2 pre-shows and earned multiple qualifying scores in agility.

Solo was at it again - at the WCASA Fall Fling in December 2009, he was 4 for 4, earning his Novice Gamble title, moved up to Open Gamble, earned a qualifying score AND got 2 qualifying scores in Open Regular!  Consistent, fast (one first, 3 seconds) and so much fun!

Solo's sisters were doing their share of qualifying too...congrats to Miley, Piper, and Zoltie!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Wizard son Del Sol's Irresistible Magic (Sirus) on attaining his WTCH (Working Trial Champion) in November 2009.  This versatile dog, who won Best of Breed at the 2008 Nationals, worked very hard for Dawna Sims to achieve this goal.  Now all that's left is his ATCH (Agility Trial Champion) with owner Carol!  Go Carol! 

Solo, Elle and Kathy made a road trip to Goodyear, Arizona to attend a Donna Sims herding clinic in November 2009.  Three days of instruction were intense, informative and rewarding as both dogs showed tremendous ability on stock.  Elle has found her calling - she is a natural; maintaining the correct distance, moving well both ways around the stock with a bit of finesse.  Solo was a bit more of a "sheep bowler" but had high drive and no fear.  Excellent results for only the second time on sheep for the pair!  Another venue to get excited about!

We've been having FUN at agility!  Solo and Scooter are improving every trial and our last trial in Fillmore was no exception.  Solo earned 4 Q's Elite Jumpers and Open Regular, earning his Open Regular title.  Scooter earned 3 Q's in Elite Regular and Elite Jumpers.  Fun AND success!

We did some genetic testing on the boys.  Wizard and Solo are both heriditary cateract clear and MDR-1 Normal/Normal.  Good genetics to pass on!
Congratulations to Wizard son CH Casa Blanca's Blue Eyed Bandit who got his CDX title recently.  Go Rebel!

Fun in the snow!  Another spring trip to Mammoth - Scooter is Mr. Snow.
We traveled to Goleta this 2010 summer and had another fun time doing agility.  Scooter earned his Elite Veterans Regular and Jumper titles and Solo earned his Elite Jumper title as well as Q's towards his Elite Regular and ATCH titles.  BIG thank you to my friend and super handler Cindy Deter who accumulated 5 of the 7 Q's this weekend as a "push" to the tunnel tore my hamstring and I was relegated to a cheerleader!  Good dogs for running for their friend Cindy and great handling of different dogs for Cin!
Bat Dogs!

Congratulations to Jill Ward and Swagger, Testimony's In It To Win It.  In just 2 weekends of being shown, he has a a 5-point Major and 2 Reserve Winner's Dog awards.  Watch for him at Nationals this year!
Just another day at the office for Erin Welch and Magnum, Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast.  They were Best of Breed champs at the Ocean View show in August 2010, adding another to their consistent string of breed awards!  Good luck to them and all the Wiz kids and grandkids who are traveling to Texas for the 2010 ASCA Nationals!
Rumor has it that Sirius, Del Sol's Irresistible Magic, owned by Carol Roberts, has earned his Supreme Versatility Champion title (SVCH) by completing his Elite titles in Agility.  To earn this designation, a dog must have a Working Trial Champion (WTCH) title for stock, a confirmation Champion (CH) title (of course, Sirius was the 2008 ASCA Nationals Best of Breed) and either the Elite agility titles or the obedience Utility Dog (UD) title.  Quite an accomplishment for a tremendous dog!

Wizard was recently awarded his ROMX-II sire title from the AKC.  Sires earn designations for having various levels of titled progeny.  ROMX-II is awarded for having offspring with 15 AKC titles with at least 2 titles from each of three categories of confirmation, obedience/rally and performance.  Go Kids!
Wizard kids and grandkids had lots of success at the recent 2010 ASCA National Specialty in Waco, Texas.  Wizard continues to produce sound, athletic and beautiful offspring.  Congratulations to everyone!

National Specialty Premiere dog was son Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast, Magnum with Erin.  They were also a premiere dog at the first pre-show and got several agility Q's and completed 2 titles.
Son Swagger, Testimony's In It to Win It, and Jill were RWD Reserve Winners Dog at the first pre-show and third in Puppy Sweeps.  He was also second in American Bred at Nationals.
Daughter Francella, CH La Plata's Flor de Luna, won the Brood Bitch class at Nationals with an impressive lineup of kids!

Granddaughter Nicki, DeColores Ring of Fire and Cameron were Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Sweeps and Reserve Winners Bitch at Nationals!  They were also Winners Bitch/Best of Winners at the first pre-show.
Best of Opposite Sex, Altered, at the National Specialty was daughter Zoltie, Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie with Erin.   Zoltie also was A-BOS at one preshow.  Zoltie also placed overall 5th in Gamble in the Agility Finals  and had placements in both regular and jumpers rounds at Nationals.
Best of Breed Altered at the first pre-show was grandson Toby Keith, Rainyday's How Do You Like Me Now? and Danielle.
Congratulations to Magnum, Casablanca's Magnum Blast, on winning Best of Breed at the Palm Springs AKC show in January 2011.  Mag's continued success in the AKC breed ring also has earned him the title of GCH, Grand Champion, the first for Wizard offspring!

Wizard had a birthday!   Wizzie turned 14 (4/2011) and is healthy, happy and still moving like a machine.  We celebrated with a fun walk with the family, biscuits and fresh tuna!

We had fun at agility in Fillmore in May 2011.  Scooter was 3 for 5 winning third place and Q's in 2 rounds of Vet Elite Jumpers and a round of Vet Elite Regular! Inching toward that VATCH!

Another FIRST for Wizard!  His daughter Zoltie, A-CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie, owned by Roxanne and Jack Leon, attained enough agility points at the Elite level to earn her Agility Trial Champion (ATCH) title.    It takes 200 points in regular, 100 points in jumpers and 100 points in gamblers to obtain this title - a lot of hard work!  I was so happy to be at the trial when the final Q was earned.  This is the first Wizard son or daughter to attain this title.  Congratulations Zoltie and Roxanne - as usual, Dad is proud of all you do!

Congratulations to Swagger, Testimony's In It to Win It, and Jill Ward who finished his Champion title with a WD/BOW/BOB in May 2011.  Look for this handsome boy in the breed ring!

2011 is the year of firsts for Wizard!  Another Wizard offspring,  CH Casa Blanca's Blue Eyed Bandit "Rebel", earned his UD title in Obedience to make him the first Wiz Kid to gain this advanced title.  Wonderful!  More pride! 

We are SO BRAGGING!  After many years of close calls, Solo got a Gamble Q in La Habra in June 2011 to finish his Open Gamble title.  And Scooter got his first Elite Gamble Q!  Both dogs and handler learned gamblers when it was embedded in the course and learning how to gain opening points and be in position for the buzzer has been TOUGH!  But it can be done!  Yay!  Great weekend with dogs going 9 for 16.
The baton was passed to the next generation at the 2011 ASCA Nationals in West Bend, WI with Wizard GRANDkids doing well!  
Granddaughter Afterall's Head Over Heals "Lettie" was 3rd in the 6-9 class 
Grandson La Plata's Zephyer of Cocopah "Zepher" was Winners Dog at the ASC of Michigan Pre-show and 2nd Place in 12-18 at the 2011 ASCA National Specialty 

CH Testimony's In It To Win It "Swagger" picked up his 2nd AKC Major win recently in Carson City, NV.  AKC champ coming soon!
Grandson CH Callisto's Badabingbadaboom"Bing" took 3rd place in the Nationals 7-9 Veteran class

Grandson SkyRyder's Wizard Of Oz "Oz" and Shelby Shanks win Best Junior Handler at Nationals!

It is with such sadness that we said goodbye to our once-in-a-lifetime dog and family member, Wizard on April 15, 2012.  Just 4 hours shy of his 15th birthday, Wizard was in amazing health until about 6 months prior to his passing.  Goodbye big fella - you were our best friend, a tribute to your breed and you leave behind such a legacy.  You were the start of it all - what an adventure.  We will see you again!

Please see Wizard's page to view the memorial ad that ran in the Aussie Times. 

We had lots of success and fun at the 2012 Bakersfield ASCA Nationals!

Scooter won the 10-12 Veteran Dog class at both the Nationals and the PASA pre-show.  Even while undergoing chemotherapy, Scooter had his energy and style onboard to win.  Thank you Kristy McClaran for showing Scooter so well for me!
Solo was Altered Premiere Dog at all pre-shows as well as at Nationals where he was pulled for the final 3 being considered for breed!  Thanks to Tammy Csicsila for showing him for me.
We had lots of opportunities at agility and each dog managed a few qualifying runs  - good dogs.  Exhausting between running, washing, grooming and showing!  But great seeing old friends and nostalgic being back at the venue where Wizard and I won it all in 2002!
This picture of our boys is priceless!
After the devastating loss of Wizard in April 2012, Scooter developed a lump on his elbow in June.  Thinking it was a hematoma from playing too hard, we took him to the vet to find that it was a tumor.   Surgery successfully removed an encapsulated benign tumor and the cone regimen began!  Big sigh of relief.

Scooter healed well only to have swollen glands appear one morning in July.  This time we were not so lucky.  We took him to the Veterinary Cancer Group in Culver City and after many tests, Scooter was found to have lymphoma.  We opted for 6 months of chemotherapy and I began the research into cancer fighting diets.  If anyone can beat this, we can!

We were blessed to be able to take all 3 dogs on their first camping trip to Rock Creek in July 2013.  Great weather, wonderful hikes, lake swimming and such well behaved dogs.  A dream come true for all of us.  The family picture is a repeat at the exact same spot as with Wizard in 2000.
Our luck was not meant to be.  After a great fight, we said goodbye to Scooter on August 24, 2013, 13 months after a lymphoma diagnosis and the start of chemotherapy.  The year we had was spectacular - Scooter continued to Q in agility, he won all his Veterans classes at the 2012 ASCA Nationals, he camped at Rock Creek for the first time - but above all else, he remained my best friend, my constant companion and our most wonderful dog.  The sorrow is never ending.  We know he is with Wizard and both are waiting for us to again throw the ball and play.

Please see Scooter's page for a link to the memorial ad that appeared in the January/February 2014 Aussie Times.
Zoltie, BISS A-CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie, made history at the 2013 ASCA Nationals in Greeley, CO!  She is the only dog ( intact or altered ) to win Conformation Finals twice, to win National BOB and Finals BOB at the same Specialty and be ranked #1 in the standings & win Finals BOB in the same year.  Quite an accomplishment - and what a way to retire! Congratulations to owners Roxanne and Jack Leon and handler Shawna Sakel-Beaty.

We went herding!  With my good friend Nancy Fitzhugh, Solo, Elle and I traveled to Arizona for another fun clinic with Dawna and Megan Sims  (Scooter rode along as a groupie).  Both dogs excelled given more time on the stock and Solo met ducks for the first time!  I was actually working both dogs by the clinic's end and making progress.  Solo will stay with Dawna for 2 months to get targeted training on stock.  We will miss him but he will have fun at camp!
Big congratulations also to Wizard grandson Copperfield, CH Catalinas Master Of Illusion, who won Winners Dog and Best of Winners at this Nationals.  Copperfield was also a Select dog at the Eukanuba National Show in December!  Congratulations to owner/handler Joyce Siddall and Copperfield on these big wins!
Congratulations to Wizard grandson AKC GCH ASCA CH Casa Blanca's One To Remember, "Bentley" owned by breeder Judy Chard and Erin Welch who won an Award of Merit at the recent 2014 Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City.  Awesome!
We had such fun and success at agility in Chino in March 2014!  Solo was trialing for the first time in Vets and he loved the height.  We have also been working almost every day on different skills and it all came together in this trial.  Solo was First/Q in one Elite Gamble Vets round and picked up 2 more Regular Std Q's.  We return to Chino in April - let's hope this new attitude holds!  He's happy and his roadie, Elle, offered her support!

UPDATE:  April success story!  Solo First/Q in Regular and Second/Q in Elite Gamble!  On a roll!

The next generation of Wiz Kids has arrived!  Easter Sunday 2014 brought 9 beautiful black tri's into the world born to Annie, CH D Bar D's Annie Oakley, and Wizard.  This is our first AI breeding so we are thrilled at the virility of the sample!  Pups live in Grants Pass, Oregon with Jessica and Sally Davis - will be such fun to see them grow up - so much promise!

How fast they grow!! This is D Bar D's Magic Man, "Maverick" at 5 months.  Maverick is from the Wiz/Annie litter mentioned below.  He and owner/handler Jessica Davis will be off to the ASCA Nationals in November - will be exciting to follow!  Good luck to Jessica, Mav and his mom, Annie!
The 2014 ASCA Nationals in Bryan, Texas had some fun highlights:
    Congratulations to Jessica Rene Davis, top Junior Handler!  She and Annie (mentioned below) were a great team to win top spot in a very competitive class!
    Congratulations to Wizard son "Mystic" La Plata's Mistico De Colores on his Veteran BOB.  Still got it going on!

We enjoyed a 2014 fall weekend at the beach in Cyucos and SLO winetasting.  So dog friendly, such fun - will go again!
We are very excited to announce another Wiz Kid litter due in March 2016 - a very special line breeding as Wizard will be going back to Moonlight Australian Shepherds who bred him in 1997.   "Blush", CH Jazztime's Gettin Cheeky at Moonlight, showed 8 pups in the February ultrasound - we can't wait!

Solo and I did our first herding "trial" in May 2105!  We traveled out to beautiful Leona Valley and got our first HT (Herding Test) leg - wow, were we novice and the sheep didn't stay with me AT ALL but we persevered and he passed.  Nice introduction.  Unfortunately, lessons are 1.5 hours away and it's hard to get any consistency but as time allows, we will dabble as it's fun for both of us.

March 2016 - Pups are HERE (well, in Washington)!  7 lucky little ones, 4 boys and 3 girls.  Black tri's and blue merle's.  All are doing WELL!  Contact Tammy Csicsila at if interested!

We happened to be vacationing in Washington in the summer of 2016, near enough to do a drive-by to see Blush/Wizard puppies!  So sweet, great movers, wonderful to see them and Tammy!!!

Hoping to attend the 2016 ASCA National Speciality in Albany, Oregon - on our coast!  But the dates didn't mesh with a horse show so we had to just enjoy hearing all the Wiz kids/grandkids/GREAT grandkids results!  And there were plenty....
Congratulations to Wizard GREAT granddaughter Journey, CH Moonlight's a Walk 2 Remember, who was a Premiere bitch at Nationals.  Keeping it going!
More congratulations to great granddaughter Glitter, Moonlight's All that Glitters, who won the Open Blue class at one of the pre-shows.
Huge congratulations to Wizard grandson Ditto, CH Steely's Duplicate Copy of Moonlight, who was 9th in his first time in confirmation finals!  Looks like great grandpa Squeak!

Puppy love! Flurry, Moonlight's Winter Flurry, a Wizard daughter, was second in her 4-6 month class at Nationals

Exciting news that Wizard grandson, Zippo, Casa Blanca's Zippity Do Dah, went Winner's dog at Nationals!  Prestigious accomplishment for this dog!  Zippo finished his ASCA championship shortly after returning from Nationals and is on to the breed ring with many BOB wins already.
Another huge shout out to Wizard daughter, Zoltie, Casa Blanca's Sweet Drm'n Zoltie, who was High in Trial Senior dog in agility at both Nationals and a pre-show.  This dog is consistently showcasing all the Aussie talents - drive, confirmation, ability and sweetness - what a thrill for owners Roxanne and Jack Leon!!

Valentine’s Day is not usually a day when your heart is broken but it certainly was in 2017 for Ben, Robbie and me as we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl Elle, Regalos Ella Me Encanta. The best mover of any of our dogs other than her dad Wizard with an incredible floating gait, Elle was timid in confirmation and agility but excelled in herding and being the bitch of the group. She was a protective mother to her one litter and was a shadow at my side. We will miss her so – she was one month shy of 14. Rest, my sweet dog – your labors are over.