Scooter, CH C-Star's Scoot Over RS-EOP, JS-EOP, GS-E, DNA-VP was a “what do you want me to do?” type of dog.  Extremely biddable, he tried his hardest in whatever you asked him to do.  He received his ASCA conformation championship at 18 months, was a Premiere Champion Dog at the 2004 ASCA Nationals and won 10-12 Veteran Dog classes at the 2012 ASCA National Specialty.  He was major-pointed in AKC.  Scooter passed away in August, 2013 of lymphoma at the age of 11.

Scooter was a phenomenal agility dog, 6 gamble Q's shy of his V-ATCH when he became too sick to run.  He was my best friend and his loss leaves a painfully empty space at my side.
Please click on the links below to view the memorial ad in the Aussie Times January/February 2014 issue or to view Scooter's pedigree.
Memorial Ad
Scooter Pedigree

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February 2, 2002 - August 24, 2013